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Wood and Coal Furnaces / Boilers by Energy King
We offer the ultimate in solid-fuel heating. Energy King heating appliances provide homeowners with high quality, long lasting solid-fuel home heating options from domestically produced fuel sources. Wood/coal furnaces and boilers burn either air-dried wood, or anthracite or bituminous coal. It is important to choose a solid-fuel heating appliance that is correctly sized for your home. We can help you find the perfect unit for your heating requirements.


Wood Furnaces by Napoleon
Technology has surpassed traditional heating equipment, but you can’t beat the comfort of a wood furnace. Napoleon’s wood furnaces offer the reliable and traditional function of a wood furnace with double configuration for electric power. This second thermostat automatically switches to electric if the wood burns out. We manufacture reliable and high quality equipment for your comfort and peace of mind. The HMF100 Furnace heats up to 1400 sq. ft. with extremely low emissions at (3.6 g/h), a 2.0 cubic foot firebox capacity, an average output of 40,000 BTU/hr. It can be configured as a wood-only furnace or wood/electric furnace. It's modular design allows for easier/more
flexible installations with three return-air positions.


Multifuel Furnaces by St. Croix
St. Croix manufacturers multi-fuel furnaces that are a dependable alternative to traditional gas or electric furnaces. Tthese furnaces can supplement your current source of heat, while being cost-effective and reliable. Using the same technology as St. Croix multifuel stoves, they burn any of six renewable, natural fuel sources – wood pellets, distillers grain pellets, corn, wheat, rye or cherry pits – resulting in minimal emissions and clean-burning, long-lasting fuel. 


Energy King Furnaces & Boilers

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